Friday, January 13, 2006

Paramannam-Sweet Rice Pudding ( Naivedyam )

Annam Payasam or Paramannam (Food Of The Gods) is a sweet dish which is prepared as an offering to God in almost every home in Andhra on most special occasions and festivals.According to Hindu tradition & spiritual customs, by offering Naivedyam to God in the form of sweets like chakripongal, payasam,paramannam and fruits the devotees acknowledge the good things that come from God.After God partakes of the offering the naivedyam becomes prasadam. Prasadam is consumed after performing puja or worship and consuming the delicious prasadam symbolizes the bliss of self-realization.

Paramannam can be served hot or cold as a dessert and is prepared with rice,milk and sugar or jaggery and garnished with raisins and cashewnuts.We prepared Paramannam as 'Prasadam'(offering to God) this morning on the occassion of Bhogi,the first day of Sankranti Festival and this is the recipe as prepared by Amma.


1/2 cup raw rice washed and drained
1/2 cup sugar or grated jaggery
1 lt milk
pinch of salt
1/4 tsp ground green cardamom
fried cashewnuts and raisins for garnish
1 tbsp ghee(clarified butter)for frying cashewnuts and raisins

Wash and soak rice in water for about fifteen minutes.
Heat a pan and bring milk to a boil.Lower heat and add the rice to the milk.Cook until the rice is soft and the mixture looks thick.Remove from heat and cool.
Add the sugar and mix well and keep stirring till it mixes well.
Heat ghee in a skillet and add cashew nuts. Fry for 1-2 mts till the cashewnuts turn light brown. Add raisins and stir for a few seconds.Add this along with the remaining ghee to the cooked rice.Add cardamom powder and a pinch of salt and mix well.Turn off heat and keep covered for 5 minutes.Serve hot or cold.

Note:If you are using jaggery in place of sugar you must follow this method.Heat a small pan and boil 1/2 cup water and add grated jaggery.On slow fire let the jaggery cook till it melts and is sticky (if you touch a drop of the jaggery between the thumb and fore finger it should feel sticky).Dont let it heat too much,it should basically melt...approx 4-5 mts. Remove from heat and keep aside.Let it cool for 3-4 minutes and then add to the cooled cooked rice otherwise the milk might split.

Masala Vadas are popular South Indian deep fried crisp lentil dumplings prepared with channa dal(bengal gram lentil),onions and Indian spices.The outer crust is crisp,tastes great and is generally eaten as a snack.It can be eaten as it is or served with green chutney or coriander chutney.Paramannam,Masala Vada with masala chai ....our festive breakfast menu for Bhogi after offering prayers .

Masala Vada

1 cup soaked and drained channa dal(split bengal gram)
1 tsp raw rice
1/2 tsp cumin seeds
4-5 flakes garlic
1" ginger chopped
5-6 curry leaves
4 green chillis
1 large chopped onion
1-2 tbsp chopped fresh coriander leaves
pinch of garam masala (optional)
1 tsp chopped mint leaves (optional)
oil for frying

Soak channa dal and rice in water for 2 hours.Drain.Keep aside a fistful of drained channa dal and grind the rest of the channa dal and rice,green chillis,cumin seeds,ginger and garlic coarsely.To this coarse mixture, add chopped onions, curry leaves, coriander leaves,salt and garam masala and mix well.Add the remaining channa dal and mix well. Make small lemon-sized balls and pat it lightly on your palm or on butter paper and slide into hot oil and deep fry until golden brown.



shammi said...

Happy Sankranti, Sailu :)

Ashwini said...

Happy Sankranti! I am so impressed with your meticulous preparation. One burning question? did you actually get a banana leaf for the prasad??? If so I am sooooooo jealous!

a said...

Hi Sailu,

Yum-yum! I love raisins and this dish looks delicious - any left-over?


Akruti said...

Telugu maata,telugu vantakalu,muggulatho nindina logili,gangireddula atalu,bommalu koluvu,verasi sankranti shubhakankshalu:)
Right now my mom is busy making "Ariselu" i nthe kitchen and then we will put the rangoli,chukkalu kaadu, radhalu:)
Have a wonderful festival.

sailu said...

Happy Sankranti,Shammi!

Happy Sankranti,Ashwini!I am blogging from India and I have a garden where i grow some banana trees ..:)so that leaf is my own garden.

Cj,during this festive season we do prepare a variety of festive foods and share with friends and neighbours.Yes,this dessert is sitting in my fridge....and your most welcome..:)

Latha said...

Happy Sankranti, Sailu. I can't tell you how glad I am that you are blogging. I grew up in Krishna Dt. and our foods and traditions seem very similar. Your posts always bring back so many sweet memories for me.

a said...

Hi Sailu,

I wish I could witness how you celebrate your festive season and I'm sure there's a lot of caring and giving people in the air during this time.

It reminds me of my grandparents, during our Feast Day in our town, every year of January 29 – is the celebration date but they moved it to January 15) all they have to do is to prepare all kinds of food that you could imagine, chicken, beef, pork, fruits, dessert, rice, bread, native delicacies and oh well, just everything and the nice thing about my grandparents is – even if they don’t know people walking, selling around on the street they will just call them and feed them. It is like a traditional for us now in the family and now, I terribly missed it since I’m away from home. This Sunday is the celebration and my Mother told me that “there are many people coming over and some of them are my Dad’s fellow retired Marines – old friends are expecting to come and of course the whole family and some extend relatives as well and here I am trying to feel like I’m there to join them and entertain people and friends as well. Those are some of our cultures that is hard to find anywhere were I am right now. It seems like your festive season and our Feast day is similar how we feed, share and give foods to others! I hope you could post some of your festive season celebration on your blog…

Have a great weekend Sailu!

Kat said...


Tag! You're it!

Zoubida said...

I usually use basmati rice, vanilla and rum for my rice pudding. As a matter of fact I made tapioca with ginger and vanilla yesterday and my husband who perfers rice pudding reminded me it's been a long time since I made some. I'll try yours very soon, I love cardamom.

Jasmine said...

Thanks for visiting me!

You've got a great site--I especially like the section on ayurvedic cooking.

Ayurveda is becoming more popular over here, but more as "spa" treatments--I find myself educating people more often than not as to what it is and what it does...