Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Vegetable Pattis / Veg Burger

Posting my son's favorite vegetable patti based burger.Its healthy,very tasty and easy to make as well.You can use this patti as a filling for the burger and eat it just as a patti.

Mix together one mashed boiled potato,one mashed boiled carrot,1/2 tsp of white pepper pwd (you can use black pepper as well or chopped green chillis),1 tsp of grated cheese,salt,1 tbsp of bread crumbs(I used powdered rusks as it has a nice flavor).(You can use any veggie of your choice.Sometimes I use chopped palak (spinach) and mashed potato too)

Mix well and make the shape of a patti.Make a bigger patti if you are using it to make a burger.
Heat a non-stick pan and add 1 tsp oil and shallow fry the pattis.

Fry well on both sides till they turn golden brown.

For the burger:
Slice a bun (for a burger) and slightly toast it. Spread tomato ketchup on the toasted side of the bun and place the vegetable patti on it.
Now place onion ,tomato and cucumber slices over it.(You can use mayonnaise also)

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Anonymous said...

Hi sailu garu
your veggie burger sounds nice, u can use little amount of cooked rice aswell tastes awesome.
I like your recipes.
Thank u