Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Indian Food Blogs

List of favorite Indian Food Bloggers.

Aayi's Recipes
Anthony's Kitchen
Chai Pani
Cooking Medley
Exploring Culinary Gems
Food For Thought
Foodies Bar
Food,In The Main
For The Fork And The Spoon
From The Pantry
Gluttony is no Sin
Happy Burp
Hooked on Heat
Top Indian Recipes
Kodalis Kitchen
Krishna & Arjuna's World
Love in the Time of Coriander
Life & Food
Lima Beans and Delhi Chaat
Lulu Loves London
Me and My Kitchen
Meenal's Kitchen
Myriad Tastes
Mythili's Vindu
My Cuisine
My Dhabha
Flavors of Indian Rasoi
My Treasure..My Pleasure
One Hot Stove
Priya's Thoughts
Pusiva's Culinary Studio
Route 79
Saffron Hut
Sailu's Food
Taste Corner
The Coconut Grove
The Cooks Cottage
The Green Jackfruit
The Spice Is Right
The Timid Cook
Tina's Cooking
Towards A Better Tomorrow
Vineela's Cuisine


Deveshwar Verma said...

dear sailaja
i saw ur webiste its amazing i tried ur recipes its reallt nice
i will tell my other frds 2 take ur advice
can u tell me some more chicken recipes

sailu said...

Thank Deveshwar :):)I will be posting some chicken recipes from my kitchen soon. Look out for them.

Vanilla said...

Uh-oh, mein to hoon ek veggie! Anyway, I like the concept. Pls post some veggie recipes too.

sailu said...

Zaroor post karoongi.You will find more veggies coming come back for more interesting recipes.I am glad you liked the concept.:):)

Amy said...

Hi Sailu, I'm so glad you posted on my blog so that i could find your site. I really like the sound of this recipe and I'm always looking for good chicken dishes. Thanks!

rosh said...

Hi sailu, Like your blog...Tried out your Majjiga; really a good drink to cool off this summer; i believe Majjiga is called Majjige in kannada and Neer more in Tamil. Couldn't comment there as there were tons already...