Saturday, December 10, 2005

You Are What You Eat Meme : My Top 10 Favorite foods!

I have been tagged by Paz of The Cooking Adventures of Chef Paz and Lera of Myraid Tastes to share my top 10 favorite foods. Thank you Paz and Lera.This meme was started by Kalyn of Kalyn's Kitchen.It wasnt easy coming with only 10 favorite foods but had fun in creating this meme post..:)

Its been exactly a month since I have started this food blog and was going through the index of the recipes I had blogged so far and found that I havent blogged all my favourite foods yet. That reminded me that I need to post more of my favorite food in here.

So,I finally manage to come up with my top 10 favorite foods.

1.My all time favourite dish is Chicken Biryani. Indian that I am, rice being the staple diet, biryanis,pulaos and flavoured rice dishes are an integral part of my kitchen.Of course,not to forget steamed white rice which is our afternoon meal along with a veggie or non-veg curry ,dal cooked with a leafy veggie, veggie pachadi which I call our Andhra salad..:) or veggie stir fry dish ,rasam which is a steaming hot tamarind water soup cooked with Indian spices or sambar,pickle especially’aavakai’ which is a spicy mango pickle and some papad or saabudana fryums.This is a normal south Indian meal which I cook every day and relish and will always be my favourite meal.

2.Chinese Cuisine – I love Chinese food,period! I have always had consistently good Chinese food, be it sweet corn chicken soup,plump dimsums served with interesting sauces, fragrantly spiced chilli pepper prawns, honey and pan-fried noodles,crispy potatoes, chicken dumplings or Chinese greens.

3.Italian Cuisine – Italian food combines the ultimate in comfort food – like simple pastas with rich tomatoes, garlics and olive oil. Italian food is full of the flavors and sensations that just feel right and I would say that Pizza with lots of cheese, Lasagne and Pasta are all my favorite Italian foods.I have posted one of my favorite pasta recipe-Cheesy Pasta Bake

4.Salads- Love salads , any kind of salad.Be it veg,non-veg or a macaroni pasta salad..:).One of my favorites is Mixed Sprouts Corn Salad

5.Indian Street Food – Street food is a culinary tradition that most Indians wouldn’t dream of doing without.Street food here is a learning experience by itself, cooked right before your eyes, reassuring not only of the freshness of the food being made but also the ingredients that go into preparing it.Just love Murri Mixture (Andhra Bhel),Paani Puri,Samosa and Chaat.I cant live without these street foods.

6.Sweets – Kolkatta’s famous Rosagulla , Hot Gulab Jamuns and Bobattulu or Poran Puli are my favourite Indian sweets and of course pastries. Indira of Mahanandi has given a step by step method of preparing Puran Poli (Bhakshalu/Bobattulu) in her blog.

7.North Indian Food- Stuffed Parantha with Dal Makhani ,Butter Panner Masala and Mughlai Chicken Curry and a big glass of Lassi (sweet buttermilk).

8.Masala Chai- Need it every single day and my favorite hot beverage especially during winters.There’s nothing more soothing than a hot cuppa chai/tea.

9.Masala Dosa – My all time favorite Breakfast dish.Eat it for dinner as well.I am extremely fond of this famous S.Indian tiffin.I have posted the recipe of the favorite tiffin Masala Dosa

10.Bread Toast with peanut butter.My most favourite, simple, made with least effort, tasty food which I eat it for breakfast,lunch or dinner on an occasional lazy day…:)

Having listed my favorite foods , I cant help but get nostalgic with the memory of eating hot, homely food at my grandmother's house as a child for Sankranti,our main S.Indian festival,with all the family members (grandparents,parents,aunts,uncles and cousins) swatting on the ground in a circle and eating food spread on a plaintain leaf. Those gatherings would happen only once a year in the month of January when Sankranti is celebrated ushering in the New Year.

Those mouth watering, delicious, wide spread special meals will always remain the most favourite family meals I ever had.

Thank You ,Paz and Lera, for tagging me to share my most favorite foods.It was fun and nostalgic too.

So let’s get more food bloggers to have some fun too..:) Do I have only 5 bloggers to choose?Alright,here I go...

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So,,its over to you foodies and have fun as much as I did in sharing my fav foods and tagging you to share your fav foods..:)


chanit said...

Thank you dear for the invitation !! :-)

farmgirl said...

Wow. Great post. I am SO hungry now! Thanks for tagging me. I need to start thinking. Hmmm. . . Maybe a snack first. : )

Kalyn said...

What an interesting post. It was so fun to read about your favorite foods. I wish I could come there and eat some of the Indian street foods you describe. (Someday, I hope.)

One thing I must correct though. The Top Ten Favorite Foods was actually started by Ruth from Once Upon a Feast:

I was one of the first 5 people she tagged, and the people I tagged have all been very successful at getting others to continue the meme, and very generous about linking to me, which is probably why you thought I started it. (It has been fun to see that some of the Weekend Herb Bloggers are tagging other Herb Bloggers. I love to see the way we are all connected.) Anyway, I just wanted to correct that so Ruth does not feel left out because it was really a great idea for a meme.

paz said...

What a wonderful list! I enjoyed reading it and have some similar favorites as yours. I'd love to taste the sweets, North Indian food and Masala Dosa that you've mentioned. I also liked reading your childhood food memory. Thanks for sharing with us!


Lera said...

Sailu, Wow! you do have a descriptive post here,liked reading it! you seem to be enjoying the Meme theme and the spirited bloggers seem to be equally enjoying being tagged along!

sailu said...

Your welcome,Chanith!Looking forward to reading your fav foods.
Your welcome,Farmgirl!looking forward to reading your fav foods.
Thanks,Kalyn for sharing this info.Appreciate Ruth for starting this meme.
Oh,you will love indian street food,Kalyn and you are welcome to visit us and eat some of the Indian street foods and our home food..:)
Thanks,Paz.I enjoyed reading your fav foods too.We do share some common fav foods....:)
If it were possible,I would love to send you some sweets..:)
Yes,Lera,enjoyed this meme a lot.Thanks once again for tagging me..:).Oh,yes,everyone's really enjoying this meme.

Anne said...

Yeay, thanks for tagging me! :) Yum, everything sounds great.. but most of all, the Biryani. PLEASE give a recipe! :)