Saturday, December 10, 2005

Gutti Dondakaayi - Stuffed Gherkins/Tondli

These oblong shaped vegetables are an unusual treat to an otherwise monotonous meal. They lend themselves well to stuffing, slicing, frying, etc. Gherkins (Tondli,Dondakai) tastes great cooked by itself, or as a combination with other veggies. Take care to wash hands immediately after cutting the vegetable, since it tends to stain fingers and make them rough.Always nip of a tiny piece off the top and base tip, before cutting, stuffing, etc.

Posting my mom's recipe called Gutti Dondakaayi (Stuffed Dondakaayi).


1/4 kg fresh tender dondakaayalu (gherkins,tondli,kunthroo)
4 dry whole red chillis
1/2 cup roasted channa dal(dalia,putanalla pappu)
1 tsp cumin seeds
7-8 garlic flakes,peeled
oil for frying
10-12 curry leaves
Clean the gherkins and make a vertical slit on one side length wise..i.e each gherkin should be intact and not cut into two pieces.
Heat oil for deep frying the slit gherkins.Deep fry the gherkins till slightly brown and cooked.Remove on absorbent paper and cool.

In the same oil add curry leaves and fry for one minute.Remove and cool.
Dry roast cumin seeds and red chillis.Cool.Now blend to a fine powder cumin seeds,red chillis,roasted channa dal and garlic.
Stuff this powder in the fried gherkin slits.

Heat 1 tbsp oil in a skillet and add the stuffed gherkins and fry on medium heat for 2 minutes, stirring till well blended.
Remove onto a dish and garnish with fried curry leaves.
Serve with rice.
Here in Andhra we use dondakai a lot in our cooking.You can also use the same method for cooking stuffed brinjals/egg plant.


Lera said...

Sailu, I 've been looking since ages for this veggie recipe, thanks for sharing it!

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sailu said...

your most welcome,lera.
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Anonymous said...

Hi Sailu, I'm new to your site. I just want to say this is the most useful, helpful and informative guide to indian recipes I've ever found. Trust me when I say I have looked high and low!!! I tried your beans recipe and everyone loved it. Look forward to trying others. Keep them coming.