Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Recipes Galore! Savour the taste of fellow bloggers food....

I am learning so much about different kinds of foods,recipes,different cultures and people from across the globe by reading some amazing food blogs and I must say that its time well spent and each day I always look forward to learning something new which keeps me challenged and inspired.The single common factor binding us all together in this blogosphere is love for cooking.This past week I tried out some recipes from the kitchens of fellow food bloggers and must thank them for sharing some great food recipes.

Last night I baked a simple basic chocolate cake with chocolate icing on the occassion Valentine's Day,the recipe of which I got from Saba's Meating Point and it was all over this evening..thanks to my toddler.But I did manage to take a picture of it before it was devoured.Thanks Saba for an easy-to-make yet tasty chocolate cake.
An egg curry I tried was Eggs in Spicy Onion Sauce which Tina of Tina's Cooking shares with us.Its basically a recipe from a cookbook by Maya Kaimal.I didnt make any changes to the recipe and made it exactly the way Tina presented it.Though she didnt mention which region of India this curry originated from,certainly this looked like a Kerala traditional curry preparation with an exotic blend of spices like fennel,cloves,cinnamom,cardamom and black pepper and coconut milk.An absolutely tasty dish which goes great with white rice and rotis.Thanks Tina for sharing this recipe.

Love rice and a great rice dish I tried over the weekend was Paneer Pilaf from Nupur's kitchen.This is an authentic North Indian recipe with the use of garam masala (cloves,cinnamom,cardamom)and kasoori methi(dried fenugreek leaves).This dish is versatile in the fact that you can play around with the spices and add some veggies along with the paneer and rice to whip up an absolutely healthy,tasty and wholesome meal by itself.

To accompany the pilaf I made Tomato Kurma from Kay's Kitchen (it's her mother's recipe) and must say this curry blend is versatile and would taste great with any vegetable, with or without tomatoes.A great tasting Kurma recipe and goes great with dosas and flavoured rice.Thanks Nupur and Kay for sharing your recipes.
Anthony of Anthony's Kitchen has come up with a weekend curry mela where he collects some great recipe links from fellow bloggers and puts it all together in his blog each week.Do check out his forthcoming curry mela to find some mouth-watering delicious dishes this weekend.He sure makes life easy in helping me find some good recipes.

Its Tuesday and its time for ARF/5-A-Day and my entry for this week is Cardamom Tea or Elachi Chai ,an antioxidant rich tea.

Wanna join to have some fun this Thrusday as its the Cheese Sandwich Day in our food blogosphere.Also check out this blog which is dedicated to The Cheese Sandwich.

Happy Valentine's Day!



a said...

Hi Sailu,

A wonderful Mother and an amazing cook - wow all in one package! I admire you for what you are doing -I wish i have enough time to do that..it's nice to share our knowledge and ideas in cooking- we are all learning something from it!

Happy Valentines Day!



BDSN said...

Hi Sailu..

Wow!!!!! The cake looks so scrumptious..I was looking for a basic choclate recipe all these days and today I got one...Thanx a tonne...
The paneer pilaf is one wonderful dish which I saw in Nupur's site and Iam waiting to try it after buying kasoori methi...
Egg Masala and tomato kurma sure is a good sidedish for the pilaf

Anonymous said...

What wonderful meals you've prepared and that cake looks awesome!

Paz (off to make some elachi tea from recipe below)

sailu said...

Thanks so much for your kind words,Tin.

Your most welcome,bdsn.The cake recipe is very simple and tasty too.You will love it.

Thanks,Paz.I'd like to have a cup of tea myself...I'm off to make myself a cup of ginger tea.

Cate said...

That cake looks amazing -- very professional!

Ashwini said...

Wow, you could put a professional baker to shame with that cake! V nice

KrishnaArjuna said...

All the dishes look great. I bet they taste great too. Cake looks absolutely delicious. I am learning so many new recipes now I am going to find some time to try them all.

Ivonne said...


I couldn't agree with you more ... the blog world has opened my eyes, heart and yes ... stomach ... to an incredible world out there. And I think we're all so much better off for it.

That cake ... incredible!

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

sailu said...


You make me blush,Ashwini..:):).Thanks for the compliment.

Yes,Krishnaarjuna,we are learning every day....:).I am sure you will find the time.

I couldnt agree with you more,Ivonne.It has opened our stomachs for sure...:):)

Nupur said...

Sailu, the cake is drop-dead gorgeous! I love how you are getting your little one interested in food...making memories that will last for ever. I know that I still fondly remember all the times I spent in the kitchen making goodies with my parents.
Glad the paneer pulao turned out OK!

sailu said...

Thanks Nupur.
I am enjoying every moment of my time spent home (taking a BIG break from my work) with my little one.

farmgirl said...

Looks like you found (and mastered) some real winners there. Those eggs in onion sauce sound very interesting. And everything looks absolutely delicious! Why oh why do I visit food blogs on an empty stomach? : )

P.S. Congratulations on the popularity of your wonderful blog.

sailu said...

Thanks,Susan..:).I just love your blog and the life you lead in your farm.

VirginUpdates said...

yummy to the tummy